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Because some words from other people's mouths are probably just words. However, from the mouth of the imperial thousand brocade, it is absolutely not just talk. So decisive? "That's how decisive it is." His voice, as deep as a cello, sounded in her ears, disturbing her mind. In fact, she does not understand the imperial thousand brocade, does not understand at all. But when you sit next to him, you have a special sense of security. Does the number you gave me last time still count? Luo Qingchen pursed his lips and flashed a shallow streamer in his eyes. There must be an explanation for some things. In effect forever. "It's a pity someone doesn't dare to fight," he said, his eyes, as deep as ink, twinkling with a faint light. "Jingle-" the next second, Yu Qianjin's cell phone rang. Luo Qingchen pressed the call button and said, "I did." Chapter 2209 Magic Potion: You Will Fall Madly in Love with Me (36) The air around him seemed to freeze at this moment. His deep eyes stared at her intently. His long fingers slowly reached into the pocket of his school uniform and pressed the call button to look at her. "My girlfriend, what can I do for you?" At the most central point of Xingyue Street tonight, take thirty steps to the right and sixty steps forward. Turn right at your shop and I'll wait for you there. Luo Qingchen's eyebrows moved slightly, thinking that he had used a particularly ingenious way to make an appointment with Yuqianjin,smart board interactive whiteboard, but unexpectedly. "Laurel Square." He hooked his lips with a smile, and his eyes flashed a faint blur. He looked at her and said, "I didn't expect that!"! Our family likes bars! "" "Not really." Luo Qingchen shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, "I just want to have a drink with Jin Shao." "I'm a bad drinker and easy to get drunk." Yu Qianjin raised the corners of her mouth slightly and said, "In case you're drunk.." No wonder I am. "I don't blame you." Luo Qingchen pulled the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "What kind of person am I? How dare I blame Jin Shao?" In fact,electronic board for classroom, Luo Qingchen did not think so in his heart, how does Yuqianjin want to drink depends on the occasion? Where is Xingyue Street? Is it good in the city center? Where is Laurel Square? Is the city that never sleeps good? There are so many people coming and going. She's not worried, okay? However, such an idea was completely dispelled when she arrived at Xingyue Street in the evening. No one, no one. Every street lamp standing on both sides of the street is covered with colorful balloons, from the street to the end of the street, covered with flower petals. The colors are arranged in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. The sound of the cello sounded slowly all around, and the street lights lit up one by one in the direction of her progress. At this moment, 65 inch touch screen ,smart boards for conference rooms, she really had to admire the position of the royal family in a city, and it was estimated that there was only one person in the city center who could use one night's time. After a few steps, the deep sound of the cello turned into the melodious sound of the violin. Luo Qingchen probably knew that the sound was coming from the shops on both sides, but all the lights in the shops were out, and she didn't really see it. It was not until I stood at the gate of Laurel Square that I felt the only shop with light. Good evening, Miss Luo. "The waiters on both sides bowed ninety degrees and saluted her respectfully.". A beautiful piano sounds slowly, and the stars in the sky around the decoration are shining with light blue light. Luo Qingchen smiled and walked inside. No one is allowed to enter the whole Xingyue Street, and no one else is allowed to enter the Laurel Square. Yu Qianjin stood at the bar and shook the glass at random, which was a glass of attractive blue champagne. Unexpectedly, Jin Shao still has such technology? Luo Qingchen stepped forward, pretended to be calm and gently took a sip of the cup and said, "Well, it's delicious!" I wonder if Miss Qingchen is going to have a drink and talk with me tonight? Still "Let's have an awkward chat for a while!" Luo Qingchen gulped down the cocktail in his glass and said, "How is it?" "I think Truth or Dare is more practical." Yu Qianjin took out all kinds of cocktails from behind and arranged them in a row. "By the way, I'm not a good drinker," he said. Truth or Dare? Luo Qingchen made some trouble in the bottom of her heart, and she seemed to have no shameful'criminal record '. Besides, the identity of her return to China was given by her family.
Although the imperial thousand brocade is very fierce, but the Luo family is equally fierce, and this time is for the sake of leading the electors, for her safety, only temporarily conceal the identity. In a short time, we should not be able to find out her identity. Chapter 2210 Magic Potion: You will fall madly in love with me (37) "Yes!" Luo Qingchen blinked and glanced at the cocktail on the table and said, "So the big adventure is to have a drink?" "One cup is too little." "Less?" Luo Qingchen pursed his lips and said, "How many cups?" The cocktail is very strong, okay? Although it tastes sweet and sour, it is super easy to get drunk. According to the capacity for liquor of normal people, a glass is really not small. Ten cups. Yu Qianjin hooked her lips with a smile, which made her look particularly beautiful in such a warm scene. Ten Luo Qingchen was stupefied for a moment, in line with the attitude that acquaintances can't lose, resolutely responded: "Deal!" Anyway, she's not a bad drinker, and she shouldn't be drunk under normal circumstances. You ask first or I ask first. Yu Qianjin raised his eyebrows, with a shallow tenderness in his eyes. In fact, the first time I saw her, I had a very familiar feeling. I thought that if I asked a little, the other party would stick up like a fly. Little did they know that her attitude towards him was quite different from that of the girls he had contacted in the past. He still can't forget the desire to conquer in an instant. You ask first! Luo Qingchen held his cheek in his left hand, moved his eyebrows slightly, and threw the olive branch to the other side first. After all, her questions may be sharper! In her opinion,smartboard for business, Yu Qianjin knew so little about her that she should not be able to ask any serious questions. Thinking of this, she leisurely picked up the side of the watermelon juice and drank two mouthfuls. Little did they know that before the watermelon juice was swallowed, the problem of Yuqianjin hit the heart! "Is the password of your mobile phone Lu Qiufan's birthday?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com