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In Xue Deng, there is a man named Ming Quan, who once translated an article by Kuriyagawa-kun called The Symbol of Depression. I once compared his translation with that of my husband, and I felt that it was exactly the same as his translation. However, he only published "On Creation" and "On Appreciation", and there is nothing else below. The original text is like this. This translation was published in 1921, before the earthquake in Japan, when Mr. Kuriyagawa was still alive. Now that a foreigner has translated this article, the original text has probably been published. The name of this article is naturally decided by Mr. Kuriyagawa, not by foreigners. If, as the gentleman said in the preface, his friend gave him the name, "The Symbol of Depression", at least there is a part of the mistake. The reason for this is very clear, because there was no earthquake in Japan at that time, and Kuriyagawa-san was not yet dead, and the name of this article had already appeared and been published. In my humble opinion, this is the unfinished work of Kuriyagawa-san, who, having previously published his Treatise on Creation and his Treatise on Appreciation, has given him the title of The Symbol of Depression. Later, "The Investigation of Several Fundamental Problems in Literature and Art" and "The Origin of Literature and Art" were successively successful. Or it has been published, which is familiar with the facts of the Japanese literary world,plastic cosmetic tubes, naturally know, and put it together. Perhaps if Mr. Kuriyagawa is not dead, there are a few things about the fifth and sixth, maybe! Unfortunately, however, Kuriyagawa-san was dead, and he died in an earthquake. His friend published his posthumous manuscript, which had already been named The Symbol of Depression. The name was not assumed by his friend, the editor,custom cosmetic packing, but by Kuriyagawa-san himself. Perhaps there was something wrong with this assumption. The above are my inaccurate opinions. Sir, when you see them, can you give me a clear and thorough guidance? Shall I stop here, sir? Wang Zhu (1) This article was first published in the Beijing News Supplement on January 13, 1925. The Symbol of Depression, Collection of Literary Essays, by Kuriyagawa Shiramura, Japan. Lu Xun's translation was published by Xinchao Society in December 1924 as one of the Weiming Series. In October of the same year, the first two articles were serialized intermittently in the Morning Supplement. (2) Wang Zhu is Wang Shuming, who is not a man in Anhui. I was studying in my hometown at that time. (3) Kuriyagawa Shiramura (1880-1923) was a Japanese literary critic and professor at Kyoto Imperial University. In addition to "The Symbol of Depression", there are also "Out of the Ivory Tower" and "On the Trend of Literature and Art". (4) Refers to the Great Kanto Earthquake in Japan. It happened at eleven o'clock on the morning of September 1, 1923, and Kuriyagawa Shiramura was killed in the earthquake. (5) Shuji Yamamoto (1894-1976) Professor of Kyoto Third High School and Kyoto University, Japan. At that time, he was the head of the Kuriyagawa Shiramura Memorial Committee. (6) It refers to the translation of "The Symbol of Depression", which was published in the Morning Supplement on October 1, plastic laminated tube ,polyfoil tube, 1924. (7) Renovation, a comprehensive monthly magazine in Japan. It was first published in Tokyo in April 1919 and published by the Reform Society. It was published in 1955 and ceased publication in the second issue of Volume 36. (8) The supplements of Xuedeng and Jiji Xinbao were first published in Shanghai on March 4, 1918 and ceased publication on February 24, 1947. (9) Feng Zikai (1898-1975), an artist and essayist, was born in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. His works include Zikai Cartoon and yuanyuan Tang Essay. His translation of The Symbol of Depression was published by the Shanghai Commercial Press in March 1925. (10) Eastern Miscellany, a comprehensive magazine. It was first published in Shanghai in March 1944 and ceased publication in December 1948. At the beginning, it was a monthly publication. In 1992, the seventeenth volume was changed to a semimonthly publication. In 1948, the forty-fourth volume was changed to a monthly publication and published by the Commercial Press. A total of 44 volumes were published. Zhong Yun's translation of An Investigation of Several Fundamental Problems in Literature and Art was published in Volume 21, No.20 of the Journal (October 1924). Zhongyun, namely Fan Zhongyun, was born in Shengxian County, Zhejiang Province. At that time, he was an editor of the Shanghai Commercial Press, and later degenerated into a traitor.
Prepare for an exam: Those schoolgirls really deserve to die (Yin Tang) Several students of Kaifeng Women's Normal School were raped and killed, which has been published in various newspapers. But Kaifeng educational circles have nothing to say about this, probably because they really deserve to die! Their headmaster's rule was that they were not allowed to go out of school on weekdays, and on Sundays and anniversaries they were only allowed to go out at two o'clock. If they abide by the rules, when they are bored, they should sit on the Daxian Building in the school for a while and take a walk in the back playground. Who will teach them to go out? Even if you go out, you can go shopping in the mall, and you can go to a friend's house to have a look. Who taught them to go to that desolate place to visit the tower? Although the iron tower is a very famous historical site, it can only be seen by the military governor, and can only be inscribed by the famous scholars. To put it mildly, only the male students can go to the top and shout loudly. How can they be qualified to visit? To swim with a person who is not qualified to swim is a violation of the law. Don't you deserve to die? As the saying goes, "Starving to death is a small thing, but losing chastity is a big thing." Although they do not lose chastity for the sake of eating, their loss of chastity is one, and they deserve to die! Unfortunately, they were humiliated by Qiu Ba, which was like a "damn" mark on their chimney door. Back at school, their teachers may express their pitiful appearance on the surface, but their inner eyes will constantly reflect the shadow of "damn", their classmates may advise them not to be angry, but not necessarily behind their backs. If they do not die, their father and mother will not be allowed to be daughters, their husbands will not be allowed to be wives, and their servants and maidservants not to be masters; and all, all people will be allowed not to be men. They're in an environment where when they look up, it's "damn." When they look down, it's "damn." "Damn" the air so that they can not vent, they are prepared, only a clean death, only a death can wash away the shame. So, so, with the hard rope tied to their soft neck, the result of their lives. When their tongues were sticking out, their eyes were stiff, and their breath was cut off,cosmetic plastic tube, the masses of society clapped and shouted, "Good, good!"! A woman's husband! 。 emptycosmetictubes.com