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She hesitated until Zhao Longnan went straight into the fitting room and then she breathed a sigh of relief and looked at herself in the mirror with her neck in her neck her eyes flashing and her eyes unnatural Tang Chengzi bit his lip and touched the tip of his nose at the same time Looking at it when he looked up again Luo Mubai was already standing beside her The young man is frowning staring at her the whole person's face shows an indescribable expression she saw from the top down and from the bottom up Tang Chengzi was panicked by him Polymer Materials hurriedly covered the sexy collarbone Luo Mubai collected his eyes and instantly realized his presumptuousness He scratched his head and apologized awkwardly "Sister Cheng Zi I just suddenly found that you are so beautiful" That's what he said but what he was thinking was something else No wonder Nan Ge was interested in Tang Chengzi A man They are all the big pig's feet of visual animals! Tang Chengzi heaved a sigh of relief and said in a low voice "Does it look a little revealing" Luo Mubai shook his head "No no" Then he lowered his voice and said "Brother Nan chose it You have to wear it even if you don't wear it" “” It seems to be such a truth Tang Chengzi gave Luo Mubai a knowing look Before they had finished talking the door of the fitting room was pushed open from inside to outside and the yellow light of the fitting room flickered on and off and was hidden in the darkness as the door swung Tang Chengzi took advantage of the opportunity to look up bright eyes toward the face with a very recognizable look twice she darkened and could not help but look at Zhao Longnan again His body is tall and straight now more energetic by the suit and with a neat black short hair it is perfect; Not only that his eyebrows eyes the outline of the jaw is also very strong he is unsmiling very serious expression is really handsome eye-catching Zhao Longnan raised his hand to button up the collar of his shirt which blocked Tang Chengzi's eyes from admiring his neck After the first button was buttoned tightly Zhao Longnan glanced at Tang Chengzi in the mirror The woman was still staring at herself and her eyes did not know how to converge at all On a whim even he himself did not know what evil he had committed so he reached out and unbuttoned it Then he drooped his eyelids and looked faintly at Tang Chengzi and by the way he tidied up his fitted suit After a while the cold expression on Zhao Longnan's face faded a little and he took the initiative to open his mouth and said "How is it" He raised his eyebrows like a question like a command but his eyes were looking at Tang Chengzi with just the right tenderness Tang Chengzi pestled his head in a wooden way "Well" Good-looking Small body standing there also separated from Zhao Longnan a little distance Zhao Longnan slightly sideways step two steps two people closer Luo Mubai looked at the two men from the side and they were really right both in appearance and body shape This Zhao Longnan is cold like a messenger hiding in the darkness not seeing the darkness of the sun and only a warm sunflower like Tang Chengzi can melt him Luo Mubai looked at it and could not help feeling a lot Know Zhao Longnan for so many years is also the first time to see Zhao Longnan some unusual China Chemicals Suppliers he looked at the girl's eyes although cold but hidden a trace of warmth When Luo Mubai was stunned Zhao Longnan went to pay the bill Luo Mubai hurriedly shamelessly picked a suit to be counted on Zhao Longnan's head but he readily accepted it A line of three people each picked a new dress before leaving the mall Compared with the shopping mall the temperature outside is almost suddenly reduced Tang Chengzi was a little cold hurriedly hugged her chest wrapped her hands tightly in her down jacket and got into the car The instant coldness made her shiver Crimson cheeks are very cold until the car into the street Tang Chengzi's face has not yet recovered When Zhao Longnan saw it he quietly turned on the air conditioner and then threw the extra down jacket to Tang Chengzi He kept silent all the time with a proud expression that Lao Tzu was not a mortal and then he heard a soft and gentle voice coming from his ear which made him feel that his chest was suddenly warm "Thank you" said Tang Chengzi I couldn't help sneezing again and my body looked like one after another Zhao Longnan frowned involuntarily Fortunately Tang Chengzi soon recovered and the car arrived at the door of the appointed hotel
There is a banner on the hall at the entrance Welcome all guests to attend the wedding of Mr Rong Jinkuan and Ms Feng Jiajia After getting off the bus Zhao Longnan walked in the front with Tang Chengzi on his side and Luo Mubai behind him The two men followed Zhao Longnan to walk inside and after two steps two handsome young men ran out from the side Bian Boxian stepped on Luo Mubai's shoulder and waved his fist at him "Where is your female companion" Luo Mubai stuck out his tongue "I didn't get it" "Who do you want" Bian Boxian added Polymer Materials a sentence Luo Mubai motioned two eyes in the direction of Tang Chengzi and before he could see them he was forced to turn his head by Bian Boxian Bian Boxian winked and said in a low voice "Is there something fishy about it" Luo Mubai nodded Needless to say everyone's tacit understanding is enough to understand in an instant Li Haoran stared at Tang Chengzi with a good look on his face and just looked at Zhao Longnan's eyes He was startled and blurted out in a panic "Brother Nan is good!"! Hello Mrs Nan! "Hello Brother Nan" said Bian Boxian hurriedly! Hello Mrs Nan! Two people's sudden flattery let Luo Mubai feel confused he also did not say anything more did not hint what these two goods this is how Luo Mubai raised his eyes and stared at Zhao Longnan but Zhao Longnan did not respond with one hand in his pocket and the other hand hanging down at the seam of his trousers Also right Zhao Longnan was originally an expressionless freak not surprising Such a contrast Tang Chengzi appears to be much more panicked Her hands red with cold swayed and her voice was soft "No …" I'm not Bian Boxian and Li Haoran shook their heads and did not listen to the explanation "Sister Nan don't be embarrassed We are all old acquaintances" Such irrelevant words exchanged greetings for a while Rong Jinkuan came wearing a suit and tie in a serious manner His face was full of smiles and he looked like he was nestled in happiness "Why didn't you bring a female companion" Asked Rong Jinkuan Blind your faces in vain 。 globalchemmall.com