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So back and forth several times, Peng Wang's army is full of fatigue, taking advantage of this time, Qi Wang's army and a surprise attack directly hit them by surprise. Peng Wang rare to deal with in a hurry, did not expect the small white face looked inconspicuous, these small moves with a set, although it is only some trails, but the soldiers are really some can not hold up, he was more careful, then ordered the withdrawal back. Originally thought that the gigolo is just a little clever, certainly dare not hard on the battlefield, but the next day he came forward to call the array, he found himself this period of time has been looking down upon this person, this person looks like a scholar, did not expect to lead the troops to fight unexpectedly has a set, and like to go out of the ordinary way, was a military genius. I can't blame King Qi for sending him out! What he didn't expect was that the weapons used by King Qi's army were so sharp and tough. After a few encounters, all the weapons on his side were broken. He was shocked. How did he forge this weapon? How can it be so tough? And look, it's all new! This is impossible, to build so many weapons, need a lot of iron ore, but there is not so much iron ore in the territory of King Qi! Defeat. Peng Wang didn't expect this result in the end. Surrounded by the pro-guards, he stared at the scene in front of him. He hated it in his heart. The king of Qi played the role of a pig and ate a tiger. He hid everything perfectly! He wanted to escape back to the fief,Portable gold trommel, but the horse and where will give him this opportunity, he came out before Wang Ye has ordered, this time must be captured Peng Wang back, completely break Peng Wang fief! Ma and the news of the victory came back, immediately shocked everyone, this is only a short period of two days, he actually so defeated Peng Wang? Was this man really a scholar before? Originally before the expedition is not very optimistic about this, feel that Su for the sake of military power,manganese beneficiation plant, must recommend a relationship, this thing is really disgusting, but now the news came back, they are all silent, face shyly, do not know what to say. This is really unexpected, the horse childe unexpectedly is a master of leading the troops to fight, or the county Lord will know people. "Right, right, right, my mouth is really not a gatekeeper. At the beginning, I even went to the county magistrate to gossip." "I don't know if the county magistrate is angry, or I'll go and apologize?"? Congratulations by the way. As soon as this proposal came out, it was approved by everyone, and for a moment Su was crowded with people who came to congratulate and apologize euphemistically. This time Peng Wang's uprising actually happened very suddenly, in addition to Su and Qi Wang some psychological preparation, mineral flotation ,gold cil machine, ordinary people do not have this awareness, they only feel that life is good, suddenly began to fight? When Peng Wang attacked the city, the people panicked and were thinking about whether to escape from the city, but soon some officers and soldiers came out to maintain order in the city and appease them. When they found that King Peng had been fighting for a day and had not even hurt the wall, their panic gradually disappeared. Have lived near the wall of the people also quietly looked through the head, see that the wall is very strong, the enemy's sword cut up only left a shallow trace, this just put down the heart, also quite interested with friends and relatives around. After the discussion, they remembered that the county leader seemed to have taken someone to cast the wall again before. At that time, they wondered what it was doing. Now, looking back, it must be because of the thing that the county leader poured at that time that the wall was so strong! Thanks to the county magistrate! Chapter 73 the Weird County Lord. After the victory, the people heard that the general ma was actually the henchmen of the county, at the beginning is also the county against all the opposition recommended him as the main will, immediately for Su's reverence is endless, can not help but sigh, the county is really discerning! "If it weren't for the county magistrate, not only would we not be able to eat, but we might even lose our lives. I heard that King Peng was very irascible. The people in his territory never had enough to eat and wear. Not only that, the taxes were particularly heavy." "Fortunately, General Ma defeated him so quickly. I was on tenterhooks all day yesterday, but I didn't expect to win today.".
” "I heard that General Ma was just a scholar who failed in the exam at the beginning. No one was optimistic about him. It was the county governor who did not avoid relatives. That's why he is today!" "By the way, did you see the weapons on the opposite side? When the army just broke camp and came back, I heard two soldiers whispering in the ranks by the roadside, saying that our weapons were also transformed by the county governor, so the weapons of Peng Wang's army on the opposite side were cut off as soon as they were cut off. That's why they were beaten up by us." "I saw it, too. I sneaked up to the top of the wall to have a look. It was really big and dripping. The weapon on the opposite side was like tofu. It was broken as soon as it was cut off. Beating people was like a falling flower and flowing water!" "This county master is really versatile. He seems to be able to do everything. With the county master, we won't have to be afraid anymore!" Now speaking of Su, the people are a very confident look, it seems that as long as she is, they do not have to worry about everything. Before long, Su's reputation spread more and more widely among the people, and some people took the initiative to give her longevity, she knew, some dumbfounding, although she did not believe these, but for the people of this mind is very moved. The court never thought that the battle would end so quickly, received the news, the whole court is quiet, up to the emperor, down to the minister, are shocked to say nothing, is Peng Wang too vulnerable, or Qi Wang too tough? The emperor immediately denied the former point, Peng Wang's strength he knows, if really so vulnerable, he will not endure him for so many years, that is the strength of the king of Qi for so many years,Portable gold trommel, in the case he did not know, has grown to this point? The imperial edict given to the king of Qi that day was issued by him in private. Only he and the queen mother knew about it. The ministers in the court did not know about it, so they were discussing it very intensely at the moment. King Peng took advantage of the chaos to rebel. King Qi was just putting down the chaos. It was understandable that it happened suddenly. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com