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By the time they got back to the picnic ground, a caravan and a four-wheel-drive vehicle full of the college students Bill had mentioned had arrived. Cute as they are, they make a lot of noise when they carry the refrigerator full of beer to the shade and install the volleyball net. A 19-year-old boy slung over his shoulder was his girlfriend, who was wearing twill shorts and a bikini. He suddenly began to run, and she screamed joyfully, slapping his head with the palm of her hand. Rosie was worried about whether the girl's screams would reach the vixen's territory. She seemed to see the vixen lying on the edge of the nest, grooming the little ones who were sleeping on their stomachs, while she pricked up her pointed ears and listened to the human screams coming from the beach below. Its eyes are bright and cunning, but it has no resistance to rabies. Dogs die quickly when they get sick, but vixens can carry the virus and live for a long time, Rossi thought. She remembered the toadstool at the edge of the meadow, which was more vigorous in the dark and damp place. One summer, Grandma pointed it out to her and called it spider fungus, a name not found in books. She would never forget their sickening appearance, their pale,Inflatable dry slide, waxy tissues crowded together in piles, a bit like spiders. Vixen can carry the rabies virus for a long time, she thought again, but the dog will soon die. But Rosie, are you cold? She looked at him and did not respond for a long time. You're shaking. I'm not cold. She looked at the children. They didn't pay any attention to her and Bill because they were over twenty-five years old. She turned to him and said, "Maybe we should go back." He nodded. "You're right." 5 When I went back,Inflatable outdoor park, the road began to be crowded, and after leaving the highway, there was still a lot of traffic. It did not come to a complete stop, but the speed had to be reduced. Bill drove "Harry" through the cracks of traffic, but none of them were blind adventures. Rosie thought they were flying on the wings of dragonflies, and she had no doubt about his driving skills. They overtook a car, but had to wait in line at the toll booth. We drove to the lakeside area and the aquarium with the words', 'and'. "Ettinger Quay and Public Playground", Rosie couldn't have been happier. They were back, and it was great that she was in time for the T-shirt concession sale. More importantly, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable bounce house with slide, she wanted to introduce Bill to her friends, and they would all like him. They passed by a bright pink banner that read, "Welcome to Summer with the House of Sisters!" Rossi was ecstatic. Later in the long day, she remembered the good times with horror. The roller coaster can now be seen, with its intricate curving track making a graceful outline in the air. The screams drifted slowly in all directions like steam. She hugged Bill a little tighter and smiled happily. Everything's gonna be okay. For a moment she remembered the vixen's attentive eyes, but she quickly dispelled the memory. It's like a man who chases away the thought of death at a wedding. 6 As Bill Steiner gingerly drove his motorcycle toward Lakeside, Norman Daniels was driving his stolen car into a huge parking lot on News Street, five blocks from Ettinger's Landing. The parking lot serves several recreational facilities in the lakeside area-public playgrounds, aquariums, aerial cable cars, shops and restaurants. There are parking lots closer than this, but Norman doesn't want to get too close, and he doesn't want to get stuck in traffic when he needs to leave as soon as possible. At 9:45 on a Sunday morning, the front half of the News Street parking lot was almost empty, which was not a good situation for a person who did not want to leave a mark. However, there are many vehicles in the parking department on that day and this week, most of which are from other places for short trips or long trips to the north for fishing. Norman slowly "accelerated" the Ford into the middle of two luxury cars with Utah and Massachusetts license plates. Sandwiched between the two big guys, the "acceleration" was almost invisible, which was exactly what he wanted.
He got out of the car, picked up his new leather jacket from the seat and put it on, took out the sunglasses in his shirt pocket and put them on his face. This is not the pair he wore last time. He went to the back of the car, looked around to make sure no one was around, then opened the trunk, took out the folding wheelchair and opened it. He has covered his wheelchair with stickers from the gift shop at the Women's Cultural Center. The people giving presentations and attending seminars in the conference room upstairs at the Women's Center may be quite intelligent, but the merchandise sold in the gift shop downstairs is really boring garbage, which is exactly what Norman wants. Keychains with women's slogans and posters of women's crucifixion (imitating the image of Jesus's crucifixion) are of no use to him, but bumper stickers are just right. "A woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle," reads one. Another: "Women are not funny!" Whoever wrote this quote has never seen what a prostitute looks like when her eyebrows and hair are singed by a malfunctioning car exhaust. "Sex is politics," "Respect means nothing to me," and so on. Norman bought them all. One of his favorites, "I am a man who respects women," has been pasted in the middle of the imitation leather back of the wheelchair. This is a true word, he thought. Once again, he quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking at him, and the lame man quickly got into the wheelchair. There is no one here,Inflatable outdoor park, and no one will pay attention to him. He turned his wheelchair and looked at his shadow on the body of the newly washed "acceleration". How about that? Is that all right? He asked himself. He thinks it's okay. Since concealment was no longer possible, he decided to use a more sophisticated method than concealment-to create a real person, just as a good actor does on the stage. He even had a name for the new guy: Hap Peterson. joyshineinflatables.com