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These arcs just flashed and then converged towards the top of their heads, turning into a thick golden lightning in an instant, wrapping their bodies and breaking through the air towards the top of their heads. Blood cold sees this situation suddenly one is startled, turn round quickly. I knew you wouldn't go far, and I was waiting for you to show yourself! He gave a sneer and pinched a little. "Squeal!"! The big black net over the medicine garden suddenly rumbled and shone, and immediately became thick. At the same time, a black silk, like a snake, flew out from the nodes around and above the big net, and quickly wrapped around the golden lightning that rose into the sky. These black silk seems to be winding in midair, but the speed is amazing, turning into a misty afterimage, faster than the golden thunder and lightning. The golden lightning tried to dodge and approached the big black net overhead, but it was less than ten feet away from the big net, and it was quickly entangled by the black silk rolling all over the sky. The power of a strange law emanated from the black silk, some of which were similar to the law of imprisonment, and the golden thunder and lightning immediately collapsed, revealing the figures of Han Li and Lu Yuqing. Black silk in all directions did not stop, from all directions toward two people flying roll, dense as rain, simply can not avoid. Han Li's pupils shrank slightly, his expression was not flustered, and there was a flash of golden light behind him. A golden round wheel emerged, turned rapidly and incomparably, and immediately merged into his body. Han Li's body suddenly emerged a layer of faint golden light, the body suddenly became blurred, and continued to rush toward the big black net overhead. His speed suddenly became extremely fast, and moved very quickly,lamella clarifer, black silk flying down the sky, seemingly submerged its body, but Han Li's figure continuously turned into dozens of afterimages, impressively easily avoided all the black silk. A series of changes were completed in the blink of an eye. Blood cold just turned around, has not had time to step out a step, Han Li has taken Lu Yuqing, escaped the black silk all over the sky, appeared in front of the black net above. Blood cold eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but then returned to calm. So what if he rushes to the black net? This black silk is just a change of his black spirit net. This net not only contains the power of the law of imprisonment, but also is so tough that it is more than enough to trap Jinxian monks, not to mention that Han Li is just a true fairyland monk. The blood cold turns over the hand to put away the silver small tower, the body shape turns into a dark shadow, toward two people to attack. At this moment, a powerful and incomparable breath broke out from Han Li and reached the level of Jinxian. Crackle! A golden thunder and lightning emerged from his body, which was crystal clear and extremely thick, Wall Penstocks ,filter nozzle, far more powerful than the golden thunder and lightning just now, which was mixed with a faint fluctuation of the power of law. At the same time, a huge crab claw suddenly poked out of the Han stereo, wrapped with a thick golden thunder and lightning, like a huge thunder and lightning scissors, cut on the black net. Squeal! The big black net was cut out, although not big, but enough for two people to pass through. Blood cold sees this act, complexion changes greatly. Han Li's figure flashed into a phantom, which flew out of the mouth and escaped. He did not stop at all, his figure was blurred, and the next moment he appeared in the distant sky, and then in a flash, he disappeared completely. Almost as soon as Han Li escaped, the blood-cold figure followed closely to the outside of the big black net, looking in the direction of Han Li's escape. Damn it, chase them all! Blood cold roars in the mouth. In a dense forest on the left side of the summit. A flash of golden light fell here, and as soon as the light disappeared, the figures of Han Li and Lu Yuqing reappeared. Brother Han, why don't you stay away from here directly? Lu Yuqing looked a little flustered and asked. The leader is a Jinxian. If I am the only one, I may not lose to him in the speed competition, but if I take you with me, I will not be sure to get away with it. Once we escape to the sea, there is no shelter, and it will be very difficult for us to get rid of them. Han Li's eyes wandered high in the sky and explained. When Lu Yuqing heard this, her expression changed slightly, and she was sincerely glad that Han Li had not chosen to abandon her. However, hiding here is not a panacea. We need to hide our breath and hide elsewhere on the island.
By the way, do you have a Lingbao that can hide your breath? Han Li withdrew his eyes and asked. Well, my father bought one for me once. Lu Yuqing nodded and said. With that, she turned over her palm, took out a thin snow-white gauze dress, and put it on her body. As soon as the gauze clothes were put on, a faint layer of white light immediately lit up, and in a flash it melted into Lu Yuqing's clothes and hid. At the same time, the breath on his body also became absent. Yes, as long as you pull away a certain distance, you should not be found. After a probe, Han Lilue nodded with satisfaction and said. As he spoke, he also urged the mask of the impermanence alliance and the secret art of concealment to completely conceal his breath. Then the two men walked in the opposite direction of the medicine garden and went into the deep forest. Not long after the two men left, four figures flew down from the sky and landed where they had stayed before. The breath of the two men was gone here. The bone flame scattered people looked around and frowned and said. It should be hidden for fear of being discovered by us. Said a stout tower man with a sneer. In any case, we must find them, otherwise we can't afford to pursue them. Another monk of Shifanglou, with a bitter face, said with some concern. Hey hey, don't panic. I still have some magical powers to find someone to argue with. You can try it. Jingming Zhenren said with a smile. With that,disc air diffuser, he turned over his palm, and there was a palm-sized purple and gold tripod in his palm. On the lid of the small tripod, there is a strange beast with a long nose and a strange appearance. Its eyes are closed tightly and its nose is coiled up. It looks very naive and lifelike. khnwatertreatment.com