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Opulent Finance – Commercial Finance Brokers Melbourne | Mount Waverley and Glen Waverley Finance Broker

We are a friendly team that focuses on putting our customers’ needs first. We will go to extreme lengths to get the very best solution we can for our customers. That is why all of our customers recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues and this is how we have grown over the years.

Our well-experienced team at Opulent is extremely proud of the over 98% customer retention rate. We are very proud of our industry awards but what we love the most is the fact that when we engage with customers, we usually embark on a life long partnership, assisting them with all of their and their families financial matters for many years.

Our consultations are FREE to you and are not biased to any financial institutions in our panel. Finding the best suited solutions for you is our primary focus. All our customers also get benefit from our experience and expertise in accounting and taxation through Opulent accountants. We really do offer the whole package to you

Our team at Opulent has the skills and knowledge to help you with ALL of your financial needs, no matter how complex or simple your lending is. Take a look at some of the areas we can partner with you on:

Car Finance

We cater for all personal and business car finance needs. Our talented team understands the ins and outs of all the different options and will present you with the best solution to get your keys faster.

We can help you with the following:
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Commercial hire purchase
  • Car loan
  • Leasing


Home Loans

The home loan brokers Melbourne market is very crowded and can seem confusing, particularly to first time buyers.

The team at Opulent recognizes that all buyers have different situations and objectives; for example, some clients are excited to be buying their first home whilst more experienced home buyers may be refinancing for home renovations or acquiring property for investment.

We consult with clients FREE of charge then trawl the market to come up with the best custom-built solution for them. We will take all the stress out of the process and get the best deal for our clients every single time.

Bespoke Home Loan Brokers in Burwood & Melbourne

If you are a first home buyer, we will process your first home buyer grant application and get the funds available at settlement.

We are here to help regardless of the type of home loan buyer you are:

  • Purchasing an existing property
  • House and land packages
  • Off the plan packages (town house, unit or an apartment)
  • Upgrading your main residence or using refinance option
  • Bridging home loan (if you are in between changing houses)
  • Family guaranteed home loan (help your children buy their first property with your home equity)

When it’s time to apply for a home loan then it becomes extremely hard to know where to begin. The process seems so complicated that finding the right category of first home buyer loans can be confusing because there are so many options available. You can start your process by contacting your Home Loan Brokers Burwood for performing an evaluation of your plans and compare to see if you can prequalify for a suitable home loan.

Home loan with low rates for first home buyer in Mt Waverley

It is imperative to understand that there is essential difference in various types of loans available from the refinance home loan companies. The First home buyer loans are classified into three categories:

  • Fixed Interest Mortgage
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Hybrid Mortgage (which is blend of fixed & adjustable rates)

Apart from this, loans are also categorized on the basis of governmental loans or conventional loans, the terms of such Home Loan Brokers Mt Waverley are decided on the basis of rules and policies approved at national level within the country.

The conventional loans can further be categorized into two categories which are conforming and non-conforming loans. In order to enable and qualify for the position of conforming Home Loan Broker Glen Waverley, it can also be regarded as A-paper loan. While there are many general types of Mortgage Brokers available for home buyers it is significant to look with your mortgage company at the specific loans for which you can qualify for availing the facility of refinance or first home buyer.

If you are thinking of making your dream house a reality and you are searching for having financial assistance then you can easily unlock the door to a new beginning. Now purchasing and owing a house has become an easy option for home loan in Burwood, Mt. Waverely, Glen Waverely, Melbourne, Australia. The reason why people are looking towards refinance or loan options is that it suits every individual’s way of living. It is an easy option for those who have limited resources of income along with uneven income distribution. Everyone cannot afford to have a home of their own hence it is essential to have something which can offer easy installments and down payment option.

Looking for Refinance home loan in Glen Waverley?

So, being a first home buyer you need to look at several options and whatever you do always take time and do plenty of research work during your home buying process in Burwood, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley and Melbourne. Consider all the options available and then evaluate it with your current lifestyle, where you want to see yourself presently along with the last option of where you want to see yourself down the track. For making all this possible it is essential to have financial assistance from a broker or financial advisor of Melbourne who can assist you in making your first home purchase easy with low home loan rates as quick as possible.


First Home Buyers

First Home Owners & Buyers Grant Victoria

A payment of up to $10,000 is available for eligible first home owners in metropolitan Victoria. Meanwhile, first home buyers building new homes in regional Victoria may be eligible for a FHOG of $20,000.

First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty savings VIC

First home buyers in Victoria can tap into plenty of financial support to get into the market sooner:

  • Zero stamp duty for first home buyers in Victoria if your first home is worth $600,000 or less
  • Savings on stamp duty for first home buyers who pay $600,000-$750,000
  • Savings on stamp duty for first home buyers who buy off the plan
  • $10,000 first home buyer grant if you buy in a metro area
  • $20,000 first home buyer grant if you buy in regional Victoria
  • New Pilot Shared Equity Scheme – eligible first home buyers only need a 5% deposit to buy a home. The Victorian State Government funds a 25% stake in the property (to be repaid if the home is sold).

It all adds up to give first home buyers in Victoria more opportunities to buy a place of their own. Keep on reading below for more information and the various financial support available in Victoria.

Investment Property Loans

Clients that require assistance in securing an investment loan are embarking on unique and exciting financial ventures such as purchasing an investment property, build in your backyard, and off the plan investments.

Investment property loans can easily be found through online mortgage provider through localized banks or by working on investor only lender option. Rates and terms differ based on borrower condition, the property and the type of loan but mortgage rates are generally decided on loan rate and terms are usually based for three to thirty years.

If you are thinking about investment properties then the first option available is residential properties where the best investment for property loans comes under conforming mortgages. Selecting such loans will provide you with the option of having a fixed rate along with the longest terms. However such investment property loans also have some limitations associated with them.

  • If you are thinking of obtaining an investment property loan from an online mortgage buyer then it can be considered more convenient as acquiring a traditional mortgage provider.
  • The entire process will be completed online and there will be no need to physically visit the bank for obtaining loan.
  • Next available option is investor only lender option through which lending to businesses is made available for businesses and investors who are looking to invest in residential properties.
  • This option is available only for businesses and not for individuals plus they cannot take more than four loans.
  • Third category of investment property loans is through traditional mortgage system which can be obtained from both national and regional banks along with credit unions. However this option works best for the individuals who are looking for affordability and easy accessibility.

We treat every customers’ needs uniquely and we do not adopt a one-size model for everyone who are looking for property loans. The application process for obtaining a property loan application process is similar to that of the lender. For this, you can easily work with the loan officer who will provide you certain days under which you can avail of this facility. Here are the three steps which you have to follow during the loan application process:

  1. Pre-Approval: This is the pre-approval stage of property loans in which you can gather your financial requirements and then submit it to the lender.
  2. Approval: Once the approval of your property loan is done then you can start with the selection of property where you wish to invest and find that property.
  3. Closing: Once the property is selected then closing will be initiated for which you have to wait for property appraisal and submit all supporting documents which your loan provider has offered you.

Now if you are planning to invest in multiple areas or you would like the flexibility of going through online option or you can select conforming mortgage loan options. We listen to your goals and assess your current situation to see if they are feasible and we will find the most suitable investment loan package for you to achieve those goals.

Equipment & Asset Finance

Purchasing and upgrading business equipment without adversely affecting cash flow is a challenge for most businesses. The market can also seem confusing with the range of options available, for example; lease, hire purchase, secured and unsecured loans to name but a few!

Our team at sources and packages up the best equipment finance solutions for you so that you can focus on your business.

We consider your current situation and forecast for growth. We want to avoid you being locked into any detrimental arrangements. We can also do the legwork to establish your pre-approved funding levels so that you are not slowed down.

Commercial Finance

Whatever your business needs, Opulent Finance will scour the market to come up with the best solution available to enable you to operate at optimal efficiency and grow your business. We possess a team of Commercial Finance Brokers Mt Waverley who know their work and understand market requirements precisely.

Our advisers of Commercial Finance Brokers Melbourne listen carefully to our clients, ask probing questions necessary and use their qualifications, skills and market knowledge to propose a customized solution. The nature of the various services provided by the commercial financier varies from client’s particular requirement but the underlying idea is that all these solutions are designed to offer debt based invoicing which all revolves around commercial financing options.

No matter how small or large, how long term or short term the commercial finance requirements are, the team at Opulent Finance Brokers Glen Waverley takes the same focus and attention in guaranteeing the provision of a considered customized solution to you.

Bespoke Commercial Finance Brokers Melbourne

Commercial Financing is generally offered by the bank or any other lender. There are many variations of each of these product available in the market but each of these are present to provide working capital funding solution to businesses. Finance Brokers Mt Waverley are working in coordination with their clients to optimize the immediate and long term business plans. We have been using substantial network of resources for each client and offer them customized financial solutions.

Cash is considered as the lifeblood of any business but it is regarded essential for small and middle market companies. There are various commercial finance options available by Mortgage Brokers in Burwood for business but it will work best on the basis of available business options provided by the funding agency.

The team at Opulent Finance of Mortgage Brokers Mt Waverley have helped satisfied clients in all aspects of commercial finance requirements, such as:

  • Business acquisitions
  • Funding operating capital
  • Increasing infrastructure
  • Debtor / inventory funding
  • Start franchises
  • Purchasing your new warehouse, office, shop or other commercial real estate
  • Unit or multi-apartment development
  • Business overdraft

We have a team of brokers who possess the art of commercial finance and they know how to perfectly execute transactions. Our team of professionals are working on detail and marketplace knowledge and they will focus on each customer requirements and make sure that your work is completed on time, fast and flawless. The services are particularly important for the businesses hence we will work to make sure that we provide you with industry expertise and proven track record for securing the targeted commercial finance solutions available in competitive pricing.

Mt Waverley’s Top Commercial Finance Broker

Commercial Finance Brokers Melbourne are providing various channels and partner solutions including asset based inventory and finance options which will all work to provide substantial value to the distribution channel and will also provide partner long term growth. The commercial finance options provided by our company are designed specifically to suit your business requirements and will cater both equipment and manufacturers and will also help them in driving sales through various finance programs which are modified according to the required business needs. Some of the noteworthy qualities of our business are:

  • Deeper understanding of your business
  • Genuine specialized industry expertise
  • Backed with Strength, stability and security of financial institutions
  • Optimized cash flow along with financial stability
  • Customized programs
  • Separate vendor and dealer benefits
  • Initial interest free financing period for the clients
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Advance on inventory process
  • Allow dealers in wining large transactions by making use of financial strengths
  • Ability to finance new models
  • Make expensive models affordable for dealers and vendors
  • Providing dealers with inventory financing credit line
  • Providing supplemental working capital directly to the dealer







Lending Through Super Funds (SMSF)

The team can help you use your Super now to buy the property. They can help you with all aspects of tax advice and setting up and managing Self Managed Super Funds.

Our team is in a fairly unique position as the sister company ‘Opulent Accounting’ ensures Opulent Finance sits at the forefront of the market in terms of understanding this complicated and highly government-regulated field.



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