Zero-interest loans coming for ACT electric car buyers

Zero-interest loans coming for ACT electric car buyers Peter Brewer  An ACT government vehicle charges at a new electric vehicle charging station at the West Belconnen Child and Family Centre in Holt. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong The ACT will be the only jurisdiction in Australia to offer zero-interest loans to help subsidise new and used electric vehicle purchases under the new governing agreement signed between Labor and the Greens. Electric vehicles will be cheaper to buy in Canberra than anywhere in Australia once the zero-interest deal kicks in as part of a key pre-election promise made by the Greens. The party had its political hand strengthened by claiming six seats across the territory in the recent ACT election and took an ambitious pledge on electric cars to the election, whereas the two major parties generally avoided the issue completely. The Greens' strong electoral perfo…
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